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About Us


The Institute of Human Resources Activation and Management (IHRAM) is a multi- faceted non-profit voluntary NGO of outstanding caliber working under the patronage of Markazu Ssaquafathi Ssunniyya.IHRAM aims at making a paradigm shift from the staid, conventional, formulaic education to life-changing, need-based and purposeful training, mentoring and scaffolding of people to get them ready for tomorrow for their life and career. It concentrates primarily on uplifting and empowering the deprived section of the society with education and training. It also seeks to give a healing touch and emotional support to the affluent sections who are otherwise poor in a different way. IHRAM would strive to produce a dedicated cadre of emotionally intelligent, intellectually vibrant, spiritually holistic and professionally competent educators, thought leaders, life coach, think tanks, managers,institutional heads and skilled professionals virtually in every single segment. It would provide every kind of soft-skill training for people who are on their way forging ahead into the world of tomorrow where everything is in a state of flux.


To be a unique human resources management institute, where the deprived people are empowered. A cadre of emotionally intelligent,intellectually vibrant, spiritually holistic professionally competent leadersis groomed to take on the challenges of tomorrow.


To be on the threshold of the brave new world driven by futuristic knowledge and skills. Inspire the aspiring to think out of the box and help them push the limit of their potential for the benefit of community and nation.

About us

Today change is the buzzword everywhere. Perform or perish, excel or exit are the binding slogans. Professionalism is the name of the game. The phenomenal growth in the number of institutions and their size has brought in its wake fresh challenges. We have institutions galore. But when it comes to quality and performance most of them leave much to be desired. The quantity barely matches the quality. We cannot compromise on quality. A lot goes into the making of a quality institution. We must do whatever it takes to ensure the overall quality of an institution. The faculty members, management, members of staff and those sitting at the helm are expected to be visionaries who can look beyond the conventional clichéd concept of education and management. They have to be professionally trained with a sound understanding of subtle nuances of modern, cutting-edge management techniques and cosmopolitan work-culture.

Gone are the days when people put their heart and soul into learning, lore, wit and wisdom. Sadly, today striving for perfection is missing in all walks of life. Whether it is the scholastic pursuits, management studies, scientific disciplines, reading and research and whatever may be, things are different. Much has changed since then. Nowadays, people are going for quickest ways. Few have patience and perseverance to sweat it out over a long haul. Get a degree, grab a job and make some quick bucks. The goal ends here. Everyone looks for the buttered side of the bread. They are content with small achievements and not ready to enter the big league, the charmed circle of great talented people. The old timers used to devote an entire lifetime for achieving mastery in their discipline, without being swayed by the temptations of instant fame, fast bucks, power, pelf and privilege. Think of years and years of training, unremitting toil, sweat and tears that went into the making of great luminaries, inspiring thought-leaders and intellectuals. For them the pursuit of excellence was an end in itself.

IHRAM stands for the pursuit of excellence in the entire panorama of life. Spiritual values coupled with futuristic ideas are the edifice the institution is built on. It throws open an exciting opportunity for its trainees to unlock their implicit potential, nurture their creative talents and tone up their communicative skills through a variety of tailor-made programs to help them reach their desired orbit. No effort is spared to create a very amiable, supportive, dynamic and stimulating environment for a whole new way of learning and living together. IHRAM will be there with you in the thick of things together towards excellence.